Raised in the state of Michigan and surrounded by water, Carol has made water a lifelong focus and passion.  Her other longtime interest is education.  Carol has been a teacher, librarian, and media specialist for over 28 years.  She earned a Masters Degree in Library and Information Scinece from Wayne State University and a second Masters in Educational Technology from Michigan State University.  Her first degree was in English was from Western Michigan University, and her first love is "literature".  Her hope is that young readers of "Water Walkers" will become more aware of Native People's teachings and become more involved in protecting the enviornment. 

Hardy Elemnetary School Principal Corey Heitsch

Carol Trembath continues to travel and spread her message of taking care of our water. She is available to speak to your class, at your next coporate retreat or any other literary function. Click HERE for more information.

Carol is a current member of the Michigan Reading Association. Click their logo for more information.