Websites (K= for Kids; P= for Parents; T= for Teachers)

Aquatic Invaders Game for Kids! Be a Sea Grant Super Sleuth. It is a fun way to learn about

aquatic invaders. Check out lots of unusual species that create real problems in the Great

Lakes. K

Children of the Earth – Promotes a greater understanding and respect for animals, plants,

water, soil, air, and energy systems. Helps children comprehend the positive and negative

environmental effects of our actions. K, P, T

Children of the Seventh Fire – Shows what other students are doing to protect and restore the

environment in their communities and create peace. K, P, T

Environmental Education for Kids – EEK! An online magazine for grades four to eight; contains

articles and activities about animals, plants, and environmental issues.

EPA: Water Sense Kids – Explores water-saving tips for kids at Water Sense! An EPA partnership

program. K, T

Gardening for Beginners - Mulitple ways for kids to learn about growing plants and caring for their environment, K, P, T

International Crane Foundation – Works worldwide to conserve cranes and their wetland

habitats. K, P, T

Kids for Saving the Earth – Provides an environmental curriculum for all ages that inspires,

educates, and empowers children to protect the Earth.

NASA’s Climate Kids – Know your world, keep up with the latest, make stuff, play games watch

videos and dream! K, T

National Arbor Day – Provides information and resources about planting and caring for trees.  K, P.T

National Wildlife Federation – Offers fun ways to get kids to experience nature one hour every day   P

Nature Challenge for Kids – The David Suzuki Foundation website starts with 10 simple ways to

protect nature, followed by four challenging activities that offer first-hand experience with the

natural world.

Sustainability Guide for College Students on a Budget - A categorized guide on how to go green.

Three Sisters Garden – Provides instruction for planting a Three Sisters Garden.  K,P,T

University of Minnesota: An Ojibway Arts in Education Model Program – Combines Ojibway

arts and culture with a standard-based curriculum. P, T

Organizations Working to Protect the Great Lakes (For Parents and Teachers)

Alliance For the Great Lakes –

Clean Water Action Michigan –

Great Lakes Echo –

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) –